Who is ICRF?

International Care and Relief Foundation is a registered charity No. Sor Ror 55, a local non-governmental, non-profit, nonpolitical and nonsectarian organization.

In 1996 International Care and Relief Limited at Tunbridge Wells in the United Kingdom took the initiative to separate from the umbrella organization InterAid International in the United States which it was a part for 18 years.

With the restructuring that took place, International Care and Relief Thailand office was opened in the Province of Surin in May 1996 with just 3 people to continue the work with 18 schools still receiving Child Sponsorship Programme assistance.

It implemented the substantial child sponsorship funded by partner organizations from Australia , Denmark and the United Kingdom . After 5 years of development, the Thai National Culture office approved to register the organization as a local foundation on January 13, 2001 . International Care and Relief Foundation had successfully completed registration as a local charity on February 13, 2001 under the Thai name “Moonnithi Sakon Phattana Thongtin Thai” with Mr. Chatchai Thepsena as the founder.

ICRF is an organization which has potentials in using education process to support and develop poor Thai youngsters including communities in order to achieve sustainable development.

How do we get our support?
The foundation is run solely by private donations to the sponsorship program from international donors. Currently, we receive support from International Care and Relief (ICR) in the United Kingdom , InterAid in Denmark and International Christian Aid and Relief Enterprises (ICARE) in Australia .