What we Do?

Our programme is a 3 operational structure in a decentralized manner.

- Education Project
- Nutrition Project
- Social Relationship Project

- School Agriculture Project
- Teaching Materials Tools and Equipment Project
- Teacher Training Project
- Improved Facilities and Infrastructure Project
- Health and Sports Project

- Occupational Skills Training
- Agriculture Training
- Culture and Wisdom Promotion
- Community Group Formation


Education is at the heart of ICRF's development work to empower the poor. Education is not just for children and not just in the classroom, but is on ongoing process that encompasses all ages and many different methods of learning. Our sponsorship programme is now in its 9 th year and assists young people at all levels from kindergarten to university.

How does sponsorship works?

The sponsorship money collected is used to assist in primary, secondary or further education including vocational training and the provision of tools and other equipment needed by young people. Long-term regular support from our donors is vital to our work. It is one of the best ways to fund projects that makes a real difference to the lives of poor children and their families. It helps ICRF to provide a wide range of assistance to the people of Surin, to help them escape poverty trap through the provision of knowledge, skills and resources.


Thai schools receive government assistance but it is not sufficient to meet all needs. Village primary schools assisted with our CSP aid are having fewer pupils and are given small budgets; they cannot afford better equipment or learning facilities. We believe that child learning progress is hampered by poor or non-existent facilities. Therefore in all schools in the programme, a major proportion of the sponsorship fund is used for building and or renovating classroom buildings, drinking water systems, toilets, kitchens, open halls, libraries, playgrounds, sports grounds and equipments. Necessary teaching and learning materials such as classroom desks, tables and chairs, printing equipment, teaching aid, tools and books are sufficiently provided. Teachers training and workshops to improve teaching skills are also funded.


In Surin, 90% are farmers. The major agricultural product is rice, although value-added agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables have been gradually increasing in theses years. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is 19,725 Baht which ranks 72 nd in 76 provinces in Thailand . Most of the farmers live in a subsistence economy, their living standard is measured in amount amounts of rice harvested; their better economic status is measured in numbers of livestock animals. By providing a means of livestock production, many families made significant step towards a better livelihood that will enable them to support their children education. The cattle and buffalo rearing project which started in 1999, has 140 families present member in 12 villages and as a result majority of them are now having their cow breeders and generated an income.



1. To support and provide school uniforms and learning materials to poor children in rural areas.

2. To support the development of schools in the rural areas through the provision of better facilities and teaching materials.
•  To help and support free launch project for children in rural schools.
•  To help in the development of rural communities for a better life.
•  To help promote cultural activities.
•  To work and cooperate with other charitable institutions for the benefits of the general public.
•  To refrain being involved in any political activities.